MTV Roadies X2 Grand Finale Top 2 Contestants Details

By | June 24, 2015

MTV Roadies X2 Grand Finale Details

MTV Roadies X2 is now into its final week which has been running since Jan 24, 2015 from the auditions of Chandigarh. The Grand Finale of Roadies X2 will take place this week only on Mtv at 7pm onwards.
We will now see the Top 2 Finalists of Roadies X2 and their details.

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MTV Roadies X2 Top 2 Contestants Details

MTV has been working really hard to make the 12th season of Roadies rock. And rightly so they have made it really well with lots of tasks and important twists in the show. So the Top 2 Contestants of Roadies X2 and the stage is finally reached when we are about to see the ultimate winner of Roadies X2.

  1. Prince (Rannvijay Gang):
    Prince who is in Rannvijay Singh gang is one of the finalists of Roadies X2 who defeated Rizwan from Karan Kundra’s gang to secure his first position.
    Prince came in Roadies X2 from the Pune auditions. He told in his interview he like to be fit as hell. He is stud by looks and loves to take challenges. He is from Punjab and is a very interlligent game player. He also participated in Mr. Punjab last year and performed really well in that too.

    Prince MTV Roadies X2 Top 2 Contestant

    Prince MTV Roadies X2 Top 2 Contestant

  2. Gurmeet (Vijender Gang):
    Gurmeet was selected from the auditions of Delhi where he performed some brilliant fitness stunts to prove his worth. Gurmeet is another top finalist of the show Roadies X2. He has been the consistent performer since he was selected by Rannvijay.After the twists and turns he was switched to Vijender’s gang.

    MTV Roadies X2 Top 2 Contestant

    MTV Roadies X2 Top 2 Contestant

So we will see the Final Winner of Roadies X2 only on MTV on coming Saturday at 7pm on wards. So keep visiting our website for more information about the winner of MTV Roadies X2.

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